What is the best bait for Critters?

Over the years, I’ve found some pretty unique but effective ways to capture different types of wildlife in various environments. The different kinds of bait that I’ve found work best may not be what you’d expect, and if we’re being honest, I’m tempted to steal some myself sometimes. 

Rodent Removal

For rodent removal targeting rats and mice, I use kill traps baited with Starburst candy. They’re the perfect bait because they don’t melt in the stuffy heat of an attic and can be easily removed without setting off the traps. They don’t really “go bad” so they don’t have to be replaced with fresh bait, and the sweet smell attracts the rodents we’re trying to catch. 

Skunk Removal

For skunk removal, we use Cheetos for bait. There’s not a clear reason why this snack attracts skunks, but we’ve found it to be a very effective method for years. It’s our tried and true (and cheesy) approach for all things skunk catching.

Raccoon Removal

For raccoon removal, we use banana moon pies. That magical marshmallow center lasts for a very long time in the elements. It doesn’t need frequent replacing because it doesn’t rot or smell bad like other baits, but the banana smell still entices animals.

Opossum Removal

For opossum removal, we use oatmeal cream pie cookies. In the same way that the moon pies marshmallow center lasts well against the elements, the cream center of the cream pie is surprisingly durable. It can withstand rain and heat better than most baits and does not develop a bad smell over time. 

Squirrel Removal

For squirrel removal, we use black sunflower seeds. Squirrels are really tricky to catch, but we’ve found that the sunflower seeds are great for luring them in. They’ll often flip over the cages and traps to try and shake the seeds out of the tiny holes.

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